Be a Competitor

Participating in a Moot Court competition will be an exciting and memorable highlight of your law school experience. The process is different for internal and external competitions. Here’s how to participate:

Internal Competitions

Moot Court holds an informational meeting a few weeks before each competition. These meetings can be found on our calendar, on our Facebook page, and in the Daily Disclosure student announcements. If you missed a meeting, e-mail us for more information. Regardless of their attendance at the informational meeting, students can sign up either online or on the signup sheets posted in the school. Each competition has a deadline for signups, after which the competitor list is frozen. Those deadlines and dates can be found on our calendar.

After the signup deadline has passed, Moot Court will e-mail all registered competitors with links to the competition materials, their time slot assignment, and other relevant information.

Types of Internal Competitions

Moot Court hosts several internal competitions each semester. For more information on these competitions, see our Internal Competitions page, or browse upcoming competitions on our calendar.

External Competitions

External Competitions are an exciting way for ASU Law students to compete both nationally and internationally. The External Competitions for the 2020-2021 school year are currently in the planning phase and will be announced here as soon as details have been established. If you have any questions, please contact our Chair of External Competitions Kylee Warke, at

Look out for upcoming external competition opportunities on the Daily Disclosure.

External Team Applications

For external competitions, law students must form their own competition teams. Teams must submit the External Competition Application Form for Moot Court Board approval prior to registering for any external competition, and can contact the external competition coordinator, Kylee Warke, at, for more information.

External Team Funding

There are many mechanisms for teams to obtain funding for external competitions, including GPSA. More information on the funding process is available by emailing ZKylee Warke, at