Be a Client or Timer


Students who want to get a taste of Moot Court without competing often volunteer to be timers for our competitions. Each competition requires timers who operate a stopwatch and hold up time cards for competitors. Volunteering as a timer is a great, preparation-free way to observe a competition and listen to the judges’ feedback.

Student timers are provided with a free dinner. Timing is a great way to meet your fellow law students and local attorneys!

Sign up to be a timer by┬ávisiting the specific competition’s event page and clicking the signup link!


For our Client Counseling competition, student volunteers are needed to role play as the clients. Clients are provided with one page of background information regarding the facts and legal issue, and are free to improvise beyond that.


To sign up as a timer (or a client), attend one of our competition informational meetings which are announced in the Daily Disclosure or listed on our Event Calendar. Or you can┬ávisit the specific competition’s event page and click the signup link!