Meet the Board

The Executive Moot Court Board is the administrative arm of the Moot Court program, and consists of 2Ls and 3Ls. The Board runs all of the internal competitions, hosts the year-end banquet, and assists teams with external competitions.

Chair of the Board:

  • Mark Hodgson

Committee of Internal Competitions

  • Sarah Randolph (Chair)
  • Allyson Von Seggern
  • Kenton Arbon
  • Mukunda Shanbhag
  • Sne Sadhu
  • Kenneth Ward
  • Tyler Schwenke

Committee of External Competitions

  • Zachary Graham (Chair)
  • Amanda Petersen
  • Corinne Baker
  • Marsha Durr

Committee of Marketing & Outreach

  • Ilian Valev (Chair)
  • John D’Amico
  • Alexander Daniel

Committee of Problem Drafting

  • Kia Grass (Chair)
  • Christopher Heo
  • Adam Gross
  • Nicholas Brown
  • Lane Conrad
  • Hannah Phalen

Committee of Recruitment

  • Elizabeth Bertam (Chair)
  • Jacob Lervold
  • Derek Flint
  • Christopher Brown
  • Madeline Mayer
  • Angelika Orletzki

Committee of Technology and Records

  • Jennie Tetreault (Chair)
  • Benjamin Mills

The Moot Court faculty advisor / administrator for the external competitions is Loni Ann Burnette.